Kyle Roderick

When buying a diamond the options are clear: the 'real thing'... or synthetic ones, also known as lab-grown, which have no lasting value. 
Australian diamonds sparkle as the basis of new collections by six of the most acclaimed women jewelry designers in the world.
Of all the countries blessed with diamond deposits, the landlocked African nation of Botswana, which borders on Namibia, Zimbabwe and South Africa, is the most blessed. As one of the world’s top producers of gem quality diamonds in terms of carat weight and value, Botswana has skillfully used its diamond wealth over the past 45 years to enhance health, education and environmental welfare more than any other diamond producing nation. In Botswana, government, private sector businesses, non-profit organizations and educators collaborate with the diamond industry to continuously create and enhance life-changing educational opportunities to the country’s youth.
Shopping for a diamond engagement ring can be a romantic and exciting adventure, but how do you choose your perfect symbol of everlasting love from the thousands of styles available?