Real is Rare. Real is a Diamond

Gemologist Grant Mobley shares what you should know if you’re buying a diamond today: This video originally appeared on WFLA News Channel 8   WFLA News Channel 8 Host, Cyndi Edwards: From Instagram posts to celebrity jewelry lines, lab-grown diamonds seem to be popping up everywhere. But what are they and how are they different...
A natural diamond is a billion-year-old miracle of nature that has enduring emotional and financial value, and makes an important global contribution to both the environment and communities.
"My design process starts with the diamond ... how am I going to create my design around it? And then I really think about what's wearable because I want it to feel like a part of my lifestyle, and so I think about comfortability and wearability. Certainly, anything that's going into my collection is being worn at every stage of the game."
"My first memory of diamond jewelry was probably sneaking into my mother's room, stealing all of hers — something I still do."
"When women wear jewelry, I want them to feel happy, even empowered. If you wear something that also is special for you, it's like it's a reminder. It's like you are wearing your lucky charm," says Hearts on Fire's Ilaria Lanzoni.
"The first piece of diamond jewelry I purchased was .74 carats. I still have the cert. It was a radiant cut and it was in this, architecturally, very cool, contemporary piece. And I remember I made payments on it. I couldn't have been more than—I don’t know—19 years old. And I wanted that statement ring. I was waiting tables. And I put it on layaway. I just kept making my payments, making my payments ... and one day, it was mine."
Watch New York City-based jewelry designer Lauren Addison teach you how to perfectly pair your diamond rings and get that hard-to-achieve layered look.
Learn how to layer diamond necklaces of varying lengths.
Real is Rare Real is a Diamond's latest campaign shows the unique emotion women have in buying and wearing diamonds they've purchased for themselves, as well as the many motivations behind those diamond self-purchases. What will your next diamond moment be? Share it with #ForMeFromMe