The Best Diamonds for New Mothers

The Best Diamonds for New Mothers

“Diamonds are one of the hardest minerals on earth, and being a mom is probably the hardest job on earth. I like to honor like with like.”  —Candice Pool Neistat


There was a time, not too long ago, when presents for the birth of a child were a rarity. Only a few lucky ones received gifts from their significant others after giving birth. Things have changed.   No one knows exactly when the birth of a child tradition—sometimes referred to as a “push present”—began or who coined that exact term, which, as you might know, invokes the Herculean effort of giving birth.   Today, gifts for the birth of a child are so popular that they are almost as anticipated with childbirth as an engagement ring is with a marriage proposal.   “A push present is a gift a couple will always remember as a symbol of celebration and the creation of life,” explains jewelry designer Anita Ko. “Nothing expresses eternal gratitude and love more than a diamond jewel.”

Candice Pool Neistat, Finn Creative Director, who is the mother of two young children, says, “Diamonds are one of the hardest minerals on earth, and being a mom is probably the hardest job on earth. I like to honor like with like.”   While there are no rules about exactly what a push present should be or even who should buy it, some popular styles have emerged in the category, ranging from personalized pieces to symbolic designs.   And right here you can check out the best of the bunch.


Alison Lou gold and diamond Mama Huggy; Jennifer Meyer Diamond Mama Necklace


Who’s Your Mama?

Alison Lou adds a bit of edge to her Mama Huggy earring writing the name out in gold script with a diamond accent.   Jewelry designer Jennifer Meyer, who is a mother of two, has a “Mama” nameplate style necklace decked out in diamonds in her collection. “When I first became a mom, I wanted something beautiful that would always remind me of that joyous time in my life,” explains Jennifer. “It’s wonderful to receive something as precious as diamonds to mark this very special occasion.”   Since designing the piece, many women and celebrities alike have marked the joyous occasion with their own “Mama” pieces—notably, Meghan Markle was recently spotted wearing a similar piece from Meyer.


And if you are wondering what Harry might get Meghan for the birth of their child, by process of elimination I am thinking a slender diamond eternity band. She already has a couple of sets of diamond stud style earrings and a diamond tennis bracelet. An eternity band would be a design she could easily blend with her other every day diamond looks.


Alison Lou Diamond Letter with Enamel Shadow Necklace (A); Jennifer Meyer Diamond Letter Disc Necklace (M); Eva Fehren Gold and Diamond Initial Charm Necklace (EF); Finn Large Diamond Initial (J)



It has become very fashionable with new mothers to wear a pendant with the letter of their child’s first name. The concept is so widespread that countless designers have initial pendants in their collections. Looks range from the sleek modern styles of Eva Fehren accented with a single diamond to the classically sculpted gold styles punctuated with diamonds that Finn recently introduced.   “I don’t think there is anything more special in jewelry than diamonds and not many relationships more special than mother and child,” explains Finn’s Candice Pool Neistat. “It makes diamond jewelry the perfect gift.”


Finn Gold and Diamond Band with Engraved Name; Jemma Wynne Personalized Diamond Letter Bracelet



If you want to immortalize a child’s entire name in a diamond push present, there are a couple of designers that provide that customized service.   The design duo behind the Jemma Wynne label, Jenny Klatt and Stephanie Wynne Lalin, take the concept to luxurious heights with gold bracelets spelling out a name in diamond script. “As moms ourselves, it’s really special for us to create these pieces that will likely be passed down to children as modern heirlooms,” explains Jenny. “We also love that we’re bringing a little indulgence into women’s lives,” adds Stephanie. “We’re so busy as moms, and sometimes forget about ourselves so we love helping other moms feel amazing.”   Finn also makes engraved wide gold band rings with a little diamond accent.


Finn Gold and Diamond Band with Engraved Name; Jemma Wynne Personalized Diamond Letter Bracelet


A Date to Remember

Jacquie Aiche Custom Year Diamond Ring Anita Ko Diamond Number StudThe date or year of child’s birth is another personal detail that can be celebrated in a diamond gift for the birth of a child.   Jacquie Aiche creates customized rings with a full year covered in diamonds.   Anita Ko has single number earrings in her collection that could be worn as the birth date of a child. If your child is born on a day with double digits you can pile on both numbers in multiple piercings in one ear or wear a number in each ear.


Diamond Lucky Charm Jewelry
Finn Rose Gold Diamond Heart Necklace; Anita Ko Diamond Safety Pin Earring; Foundrae Initial Pendants and a Course Correction Pendant


Lucky Charms

There are any number of symbolic motifs to choose for push presents.   A diamond heart is a classic. Safety pins, like the cool earring made by Anita Ko, can be worn as a fun reference to them used for cloth diapers.   Beth Bugdaycay’s Foundrae collection is filled with all kinds of pendants with symbolic meaning.   “I think that our collection has been particularly well received by new parents,” says Beth. And that’s because “not only can it be customized to suit each person’s individual taste, with symbols that reflect the values and dreams that they hold dear, but also because each piece can continue to grow as their family grows,” she adds.