For roughly 25 years, Canada has quietly emerged as one of the world's leading diamond producers. For a glimpse of modern-day mining, look no further than our neighbor to the north.
Watch "The Other Party" right here, currently streaming on TV, online, on YouTube, and even on the big screen.
Watch "The Reveal" right here, currently streaming on TV, online, on YouTube, and even on the big screen.
A style of diamond ring once associated with celebrating milestone wedding anniversaries is finding new popularity with couples that are on their way to the altar. “Three-stone rings have morphed into their own category of engagement ring,” explains Ron Rizzo, creative director of Pluczenik, the diamond and jewelry brand that created the ring appearing in the film “The Other Party.”
Though his family has worked with diamonds for generations, David Wiener has never lost his childhood fascination with these gems. Today, he’s the President and Head Designer for Harry Kotlar, the Los Angeles-based jewelry brand his grandfather founded in 1948. He’s amazed by the artistry that maximizes a diamond’s natural beauty, and top quality diamond...
We hope you will soon see our new Real is Rare. Real is a Diamond campaign, which is set to run on TV, digital, cinema, and in print. Watch the new videos and learn more about the unique diamond jewelry worn, and the designers who created it.
No one can argue with Greg Kwiat’s superior diamond credentials. He’s CEO of Kwiat, a family-owned jewelry brand that celebrates its 110th anniversary this year. The company creates major one-off pieces that appear on Hollywood red carpets and down-to-earth designs like mini stackable rings. But as far as Kwiat’s concerned, there’s no single piece of jewelry that’s more versatile than a diamond stud earring. "They’re such a classic and flattering style,” he says.
When it comes to jewelry, who doesn’t love a surprise? Designer Mimi So got one when she learned that a diamond wedding band from her namesake collection would appear in the latest Real is Rare campaign. When none of the countless options available at the shoot was an exact fit for the actress (or, rather, her ultra petite fingers), a member of the ‘Real is Rare. Real is a Diamond’ team offered to lend her personal Mimi So-designed wedding ring for the occasion. It was the perfect fit. A Cinderella moment was made.
  If there’s anything I’ve learned about living in New York, it’s that for practically any situation you find yourself in, there’s a Sex and the City episode to reference. And, if there’s another thing I’ve learned about living in New York, it’s that each reference-worthy episode of SATC takes on a whole new meaning,...
When it comes to diamonds and the accomplishment and protection of women in Hollywood, stars from Jennifer Lawrence and Margot Robbie to Laura Dern and Niecy Nash obviously had a lot to say.