"The first piece of diamond jewelry I purchased was .74 carats. I still have the cert. It was a radiant cut and it was in this, architecturally, very cool, contemporary piece. And I remember I made payments on it. I couldn't have been more than—I don’t know—19 years old. And I wanted that statement ring. I was waiting tables. And I put it on layaway. I just kept making my payments, making my payments ... and one day, it was mine."
"Actually the first pieces of jewelry I bought for myself, they are all Hearts on Fire pieces. And they have a special meaning for me and I wear [them] actually everyday. The first piece, the three diamond, this is from the Aerial Collection. I bought it because, for me, it was three diamonds and [in my family], we are three sisters. It's something that, when I'm in New York, I'm on my own but my sisters are with me — every day."
It’s the kind of moment you wait for on the red carpet. Lady Gaga wrapped up her incredible Awards Season in one of the largest yellow diamonds in the world. The 128.54-carats Tiffany Diamond formed the pendant of her diamond necklace. Customized to fit Lady Gaga, the jewel was based on a piece created for the Tiffany diamond in 2012 to celebrate the 175th Anniversary of the firm.
"I got into the diamond industry for my love and huge desire to have as many diamonds as I could collect," Sara Weinstock tells us. It's why you'll never see this Los Angeles-based designer without a fabulous stack of diamond bracelets or rings on, each expertly put together in a way that's just as individual to Sara as the diamonds themselves. Watch Sara's tips for stacking bracelets.
I think we can all agree: nothing adds lift to a look like diamond jewelry. The question is what diamond jewel do you choose now?   Maybe you already have classic pieces, like diamond studs or a tennis bracelet, in your collection and you are looking for something new. Perhaps classics are not your thing....
If you look around at the diamond jewelry that’s available for purchase today, it’s obvious that a good majority of it is being designed for women, by women. The 1930s through the mid-20th century saw the daring imagination of talents such as Juliet Moutard and Suzanne Belperron, both who started their careers at Boivin and...
"Diamonds are inspiring for many reasons. They come in all shapes and sizes, they all have their unique characteristics about them."
Celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe's personal assistant joins her boss for a very special chat about why nothing says 'I love you' quite like a diamond!
Celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe and luxury jewelry designer Jennifer Meyer share with us their mutual love and passion for diamonds.
The day you were born can say a lot about your personality, including your personal style. Whether you’re a fire, earth, water, or air sign most likely determines whether you gravitate towards edgy, classic, alternative, or feminine pieces. And when it comes to the ultimate in a meaningful, natural gift you can buy yourself—diamonds—the options...