What other star was needed in the cast of Ocean’s 8 to add even more sparkle to one of the most awaited movies of the year? A Cartier diamond necklace, of course    A diamond necklace plays a pivotal role in the plot of Ocean’s 8, an all female relaunch of the Ocean’s franchise which opens...
  With the long-anticipated date already gone but not forgotten, it had me thinking: What would I wear if I had somehow magically received an invite to attend? The outfit and jewelry would have to be fit for a royal and something that I would wear once in a lifetime. One thing is for certain:...
"Diamonds are the ultimate gift of love," says FOX's daytime hit The Real. "Whether you're buying diamonds for yourself or someone you love, they make a unique and precious gift that will be cherished and are perfect for passing down for generations to come." Watch diamond expert Grant Mobley dish on diamonds on the show and explain why—based on their history and significance—there were bound to be a whole lot of them at the Royal Wedding.
On May 19, Meghan Markle will appear at the St. George’s Chapel, on the Windsor Castle grounds, wearing a diamond tiara. “A crowd pleasing diamond tiara,” Stephen Webster, Chairman at Garrard—the British jeweler responsible for so many historic pieces worn at royal weddings—tells us.
Australian diamonds sparkle as the basis of new collections by six of the most acclaimed women jewelry designers in the world.
April is officially the month of the diamond! No, we didn’t just make that up — it’s the actual birthstone of April, representing love, fidelity, courage, and invincibility. Cheers to all you April babies (and to those who just love diamonds!).
“What is real, what is authentic, what is fact.” —Greta Gerwig at the 2018 Oscars. Facts don’t lie: The biggest stars on the planet chose diamonds for Hollywood’s biggest night. Scroll through to see just a few of the diamond moments on the red carpet.
One of the largest diamonds in history has been recovered at the Letseng mine in Lesotho. This exceptional 910 carat, D-color Type IIa (!!!) diamond, revealed on Monday morning by Gem Diamonds Ltd, is now the fifth largest ever discovered.
The 75th #GoldenGlobes: A night where stars shined brighter on the blackest night. It was a celebratory evening for women in Hollywood — and all over the world — and for diamonds too. Take a look through some of the 💎 moments on the red carpet. #RealisRare A post shared by Real is a Diamond...
 Choosing "the one" comes with a bit more pressure when you’re selecting a diamond ring fit for a future princess, but Prince Harry excelled at the task. While many speculated what an engagement ring for Meghan Markle might look like over the past few months, all questions have now been met with a very sparkly answer.