When It Comes to Natural Diamonds, Harry Kotlar Designer David Wiener Believes Each is a Work of Art

Though his family has worked with diamonds for generations, David Wiener has never lost his childhood fascination with these gems. Today, he’s the President and Head Designer for Harry Kotlar, the Los Angeles-based jewelry brand his grandfather founded in 1948. He’s amazed by the artistry that maximizes a diamond’s natural beauty, and top quality diamond cutting has become a Harry Kotlar signature. “I love when a stone has the very best quality and proportions,” he says. “A diamond is like a piece of art. You can’t stop looking at a stone with a fine cut.”


The Harry Kotlar Classico diamond engagement ring is a singular example of expertly cut diamonds and a design that shows them to their best advantage. At its center is an oval diamond with exceptional scintillation and fire. According to Wiener, the fancy shape has attracted renewed attention. “Oval diamonds are very popular right now. They’re graceful, elongated stones that can make a larger impression than other shapes of the same carat weight.” And it’s the subtleties of the ring and its workmanship that set it apart. “The piece is very classic and elegant but we created our own interpretation of the style,” he says. Entirely handmade in platinum, the design features two tapered baguette diamonds that add extra brilliance, a gallery dotted with diamond pavé and double prongs that secure the solitaire and add an architectural element to the ring. “It’s a look for someone who is modern and sophisticated.”


With a repertoire of designs that range from streamlined and contemporary to ornate and antique-inspired, Wiener insists that Harry Kotlar can adapt any of its engagement or wedding designs to any client’s specifications. “Everyone has their own taste and needs. We can create a ring with a diamond that strikes the right balance of size, color and clarity without sacrificing cut or craftsmanship.”


During a career spanning thirty years, the designer appreciates the true significance of each diamond ring his company makes and takes the responsibility seriously. “The union of a couple is one of the most special things on the planet. It’s only fitting that they’d want a perfect jewel for that moment.”