Diamond Essentials: What to Buy, and Why, When You Hit the Big 3-O

Diamond Essentials: What to Buy, and Why, When You Hit the Big 3-O

Rings with an impact, by Zoe Chicco.

When it comes to diamond jewelry today, most young women are looking for pieces with story, symbolism, and sustainability, not to mention individuality, customization and a little bit of experimentation.


So, what does that mean to you, to your budget and your personal aspirations when it comes to self-purchasing a diamond piece before the big 3-0?


An update on the eternity band by Sethi Couture./Photos: Courtesy

For one, you might consider combining higher ticket items with more accessibly priced ones, and also going for jewelry you can have fun with and mix creatively.


The pieces you will purchase should feel current and relevant, and yet, still be a timeless investment that you can wear in your everyday life for years to come. Here are some of my favorites that accomplish just that so that you can start your collection right away.



The earrings designs by Jade Trau are among the most popular right now.

Instead of basic diamond studs, there are a variety of choices in convertible earrings. Sure, you can always use a good stud—we won’t argue that. But these double-duty pieces will also do double-duty for your wardrobe, offering you more options on how you wear them in your everyday life. Look specifically for those pieces with modern settings and different cuts of diamonds—for example, round brilliant, cushion cut or emerald cut.


These look effortlessly cool and chic when purchased with a dangling diamond that hooks on to the back of the post, which turns them into double drop earrings. They’ll sit at just the right length and style for any time of the day.


You can also opt for a small diamond hoop which holds a diamond drop and then hooks into a larger diamond drop. You won’t double up the fun, but triple it instead, accomplishing three-looks-in-one. For these styles you should check out Kwiat, Erica Courtney, Penny Preville, and a host of other designers.


Eden Presley will create a custom pair of earrings in all diamonds with a variety of cuts.

For those women looking for a bit of flare, there are jackets which sit under the back of the lobe. These are spiky, with diamond accents of marquise to baguettes at the bottom, and hook to a geometric or round cut diamond stud of varying sizes.


You can also change your ear climbers if they have enough flexibility—many do—so they dangle rather that curving on the earlobe. You can wear them asymmetrically, with one climbing and the other one dipping down.



Rings by Alexis Kletjian (above) and Rebecca Overmann (below).

Take it from my personal experience: It’s an exhilarating and empowering feeling to purchase your first diamond ring, even if the only reason is that you have fallen in love with it.


You can choose one that’s stackable and then you can add different shapes to it as you find new styles that catch your eye and win your heart.


If you are starting with a single ring, then you should select a style with a stone that is bezel set east to west. These looks have more impact due to the fact that they cover the width of your finger.


The best diamond cuts for these styles are the elongated emerald and the marquise shaped diamond, and they can be found at designers such as Rebecca Overmann, Lauren Wolf, Jennifer Dawes and Zoe Chicco.


You can also start with an update on the eternity band. A geometric vibe with hexagon or shield shaped stones that go all around the finger is the definition of contemporary cool. Check out Sethi Couture or Alexis Kletjian for these styles of rings.


If you prefer to make a statement with one bold statement ring rather than smaller stacks, I would suggest a signet ring with a diamond accent engraved with your initials or a modern version of gypsy set rings with three diamonds, the middle being the largest.


Pendants and necklaces never go out of style.


Spell out exactly what you want the world to know about you in diamond pendants and necklaces


The classic diamond pendant never seems to go out of style: They continue to evolve with each new generation of women. Right now diamond monograms and antique style, or initials with a gothic vibe, are very trendy, and they can be worn with other layers and for any occasion.


Or, if you’re the type of woman who wants to tell more of a story about herself—your sentiments and/or your spirituality—you can wear words, sayings or any other symbolic motif in diamonds. These pieces will be symbolic to you and reflect how you see the world around you.


These are just a few of the pieces that can launch your jewelry collection. Try eclectic combinations. Layer you neck. Mix and match earrings: If you have multiple holes in your lobes, make a statement with your rings.


Most importantly: Go shopping! You will feel fierce and bold. Because you are part of a generation that’s changing the rules of what’s acceptable in fine jewelry.