What Diamond Goes with Your Zodiac Sign? We’ve Got You!

What Diamond Goes with Your Zodiac Sign? We’ve Got You!

The day you were born can say a lot about your personality, including your personal style. Whether you’re a fire, earth, water, or air sign most likely determines whether you gravitate towards edgy, classic, alternative, or feminine pieces.

And when it comes to the ultimate in a meaningful, natural gift you can buy yourself—diamonds—the options abound. Which is why we enlisted the help of 12 of the industry’s pros to select a few items for you, based on your astrological chart.

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Triplicity Pointed Diamond Ring ($2,900)


“Go big (and bold) or go home—that’s a motto an Aries lives by.
A sign that thrives in a fast-paced world,
Aries are all about taking action, striding confidently,
and letting their intuition—and occasional impulses—lead the way.

They know what they want, and aren’t afraid to go after it, like dazzling diamond jewelry that other signs might find themselves hesitating to buy. The best diamond jewelry for Aries are pieces with an unexpected detail, like a jagged edge or surprising shape, pieces that will shake up their wardrobe, make their outfit pop, or serve as a conversation-starter in any social setting. The Hearts On Fire Triplicity Collection is ideal for this personality in mind; for women who want to stand out in an edgy way.” -Ilaria Lanzoni, Design Director of Hearts On Fire




“The sign of the Taurus is someone who is down-to-earth and dependable,
but independent at the same time.

These traits definitely lean towards diamond cuts that are classic, but not a typical round-shaped diamond. Emerald and Asscher cuts fit the Taurus perfectly, for these timeless step-cut diamonds are not overly flashy, yet show a side of sophistication as someone who can hold her own.”
-Josh Marion, Vice President of Ritani





To fit Gemini’s versatile and quick-witted personality, try a style to reflect each mood with stacking rings. 

Play with different gold colors and different diamond shapes to make a statement all your own.”
-Lisa, Bridge, President and COO of Ben Bridge Jeweler




“For the Cancer, we envision a canary yellow cushion-cut diamond. Known for being extremely sensitive and sentimental, the cushion cut is a nod to their nostalgia—a shape that embraces the past,
and could be passed down to future generations.

The warmth of the canary yellow represents the Cancer’s maternal, caregiving nature.”
-Effy Hematian, Designer of Effy Jewelry




“My grandma was a Leo and she’s one of the strongest women I’ve ever known.
Leo’s are confident, ambitious, courageous, and brave woman.

They like what’s new and they aren’t afraid to lead. They are strong and feminine at the same time and I believe our mega swirl star embodies all of these characteristics. It’s cool, new, sexy and a conversation piece. It will also command everyone’s attention since it lengthens and bends, not restricting your movements.
It’s a piece for a Leo…for a lion!”  -Graziela Kaufman, Designer of Graziela Gems




“Speaking from first-hand experience, we Virgos are a down-to-earth bunch with a practical nature and an eye for detail (some may even mistakenly call us fussy).

That translates to choosing diamond jewelry that feels polished and precisely wrought, but exceedingly easy to wear. And because Virgos are hardworking and frequently double-booked, we put a lot of effort into choosing classic pieces that we will live in around the clock. Designs that subtly tweak traditional shapes, like hoop earrings, tennis bracelets and solitaire pendants are first-rate jewelry picks for Virgos.”
Tanya Dukes, Editor & Brand Consultant.




“The Libra’s personality traits are kind, romantic and gentle,
lovers of beauty and harmony. 

These personality traits are similar to the rose cut diamond. The rose cut is an antique cut with a flat bottom and triangular facets creating a dome-shaped crown. Often thought of as one of the most romantic cuts, the rose cut was extremely popular in the 19th century because of the way the triangular facets refracted candlelight.”
-Ashley Zhang, Designer of Ashley Zhang Jewelry




“If you’re looking to go all out, a pear-shaped ‘Argyle Pink’ diamond from The Argyle diamond mine in Australia is an easy pick for a Scorpio. This one-of-a-kind mine produces this particular rare purplish red hue of diamond and there’s a magical mysterious quality to it that’s indicative of a Scorpio.

The color suits the sensual and alluring characteristics of the sign, and the pear shape cut symbolizes — like a teardrop — its passionate and deeply emotional side. For another option, a hand sculpted and cast-in-place emerald cut diamond (embellished on either side by a kaleidoscopic arrangement of tapered baguette diamonds) is reminiscent of vintage film noir style and Art Deco glamour — the perfect match for a Scorpio lady.” -Lucy Peacock, Senior Wax Sculptor and Designer at Polly Wales Fine Jewelry Inc.




A Sag needs an unfussy (but bold) shaped stone like a round Old European cut white diamond. It’s fitting for the Sagittarius’ appetite for stories, adventure, and travel.

“This is an antique diamond from the 1800s, which has passed through many hands and seen many lives and worlds in its time. An heirloom diamond imbued with history and wonder to suit the ‘vagabond’ soul of this star sign. Our round diamond stud earrings are inspired by this style and the perfect (romantic) choice.” –Tai Rittichai,
Founder and Designer of 
Nicha Fine Jewelry and Tai Jewelry




Capricorns are known for being responsible and self-disciplined,
with a love of understated status and quality craftsmanship.

We think they’d love a dark grey diamonds and going against the grain a little; the unique clarity and characteristic of each stone, while still having all the durable and timeless qualities of white diamonds. We love this subtle elegance, mixing the dark grey gemstone with traditional white diamonds for a strong contrast and rock and roll luxury.” -Rachel Boston, Designer of Rachel Boston




“The Aquarius sign holds a strength for being original and progressive. 

A unique fancy cut diamond would really complement their traits like trillions
and kites.” -Katherine Kim, Designer of KATKIM




“Pisces are compassionate, gentle, and wise,
often giving while expecting nothing in return.

Keeping this in mind, we think they’d gravitate towards the Diamond Triple Bezel Stud Earring. This style features three round diamonds, one of Pisces’ lucky numbers. The clean look of a round diamond, set offset by a gold bezel, provides just enough sparkle to feel a little extravagant, but not too much that would make them feel guilty!”
-Emily Faith, Designer of EF Collection