The Essential Diamond Truths

A natural diamond is a billion-year-old miracle of nature that has enduring emotional and financial value, and makes an important global contribution to both the environment and communities.


Diamonds are 1 to 3 billion years old, older than life on Earth.
Diamonds are formed over 100 miles beneath the Earth’s surface.


Only a small quantity has been propelled to the surface by volcanic eruptions.
The ancient underground volcanic pipes that hold most of today’s diamonds are very hard to find.


Which is why diamond recovery is gradually decreasing. And diamonds are becoming rarer every day.

It’s no wonder that diamonds symbolize our most intimate relationships and important life moments.


99.8% of diamonds are certified by the Kimberley Process as conflict-free.
The diamond sector is one of the most regulated in the world.


Diamonds make an important socioeconomic contribution to the world. And support livelihood of the 10 million people worldwide.


Diamond recovery has a relatively small environmental footprint. Relying on pressure and recycled water.


Mine closure plans ensure the land is returned to Mother Nature, and that communities continue to thrive.


Each diamond is a gift: Natural, Beautifully Imperfect, Unique, Genuine, Pure