Invited to Another Royal Wedding?: This Is Why Diamonds Should Be Your Only Accessory

Invited to Another Royal Wedding?: This Is Why Diamonds Should Be Your Only Accessory

Photo Credit: Alex Seda


With the long-anticipated date already gone but not forgotten, it had me thinking: What would I wear if I had somehow magically received an invite to attend?

The outfit and jewelry would have to be fit for a royal and something that I would wear once in a lifetime. One thing is for certain: Diamonds would be the centerpiece of my look. 

Diamonds are the most appropriate gemstone to wear to a Royal Wedding for lots of reasons. They are a symbol of many things, with one in particular being love.

As I’m sure you all know why now, the royal wedding was a day filled with so much love that making eye-catching, glistening diamonds the centerpiece of your look is a no-brainer. Aside from their symbolism of love, there’s just something so unique and extraordinary about a diamond—what could be better for a rare occasion?

Diamonds also represent strength and courage, which any woman needs on her wedding day. But, a diamond is also a symbol of a celebration and that of a new beginning. So the Royal Wedding is definitely a diamond moment for me, and, as we saw, it was also for the bride and all of her female guests!

The feminine silhouette of this specific outfit combined with the lace overlay is especially fitting as many royal wedding dresses in the past have featured lace. From Grace Kelly to Kate Middleton, it feels only right that I’d channel my inner princess too.

Another important part of any royal wedding look are, of course, the hats— or the fascinators to be more precise. Not only were these headpieces the highlight of The Met Gala this year, but they’ve also historically played a huge role at royal weddings.

How could we forget Princess Diana’s iconic peach hat that she wore on her way to honeymoon with Prince Charles? Or Queen Elizabeth’s yellow hat when Kate and William walked down the aisle? The media guessed as to what color hat the queen was going to wear at Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding. It was lime green, matching with her coat and, of course, with her diamonds.


Diamond jewelry by Buccellati.


This post was adapted from Making It in Manhattan: Why Diamonds Are the Only Accessory You Need to Wear to the Royal Wedding