Faces & Facets: Philadelphia Jewelry Designer & Gemologist Lauren Priori on Why She Designs with Diamonds

Jewelry designer and gemologist Lauren Priori, of L. Priori Jewelry in Philadelphia, PA, on why she chose a career designing with diamonds, and how these special gemstones allow her to be part of the best day of someone’s life.


“When I was child, I loved my mom’s diamond studs. I would try on her engagement ring every day when she came home from work. So now, that I get to be a part of those special pieces—that people love and can’t wait to have their own when they get older—is very special. My name is Lauren Priori. I own L. Priori jewelry. I’m a gemologist and a designer. That does mean that every piece of jewelry that I create is one of a kind. Diamonds are billions of years old and they’ve been through a lot before they finally make it to my desk. Each one really is unique and there are so many nuances to each stone. When you buy a diamond you can think in your head – is this something my daughter is going to wear, something my granddaughter is going to wear? It’s important that they’re very lasting gemstones. When I design an engagement ring or a push present or a pendant or diamonds studs, I get to be a part of the best day of someone’s life.”