For me, from me: Hearts on Fire

Watch Hearts on Fire‘s Ilaria Lanzoni share her diamond self-purchase story:


“Actually the first pieces of jewelry I bought for myself, they are all Hearts on Fire pieces. And they have a special meaning for me and I wear [them] actually everyday. The first piece, the three diamond, this is from the Aerial Collection. I bought it because, for me, it was three diamonds and [in my family], we are three sisters. It’s something that, when I’m in New York, I’m on my own but my sisters are with me — every day. 


The second piece is this circle. It’s the Eclipse Pendant. It reminds me of the sun. When you look at the pendant, it’s this explosion of fire and light. It was my choice when my grandmother passed away to remember her and to remember her with the smile and with something that will always make me smile. I bought the Eclipse.


When is a good time to make a self-purchase? Anytime is a good time — I mean, any day there is something to celebrate: A first job or an achievement at work. Sometimes you are even with your friends and you want to celebrate friendship and then ‘Hey, let’s go and buy something.’ It helps us to remember us as best friends. A birthday coming up is always the best excuse. We create the occasions, I think, to buy jewelry.”