For me, from me: Jade Trau

Watch jewelry designer Jade Trau share her diamond self-purchase story:


“The idea that you can have wealth, personal wealth, that you can just adorn on your body and enjoy that doesn’t have carrying costs like a piece of real estate, and it still has value — I don’t know if there’s any other consumer product or luxury product that you get that from [but diamonds]. In this day and age, you can sell a bag, right? But that bag needs to essentially be unworn because if you’re going to wear and love that bag, it’s not sale-able anymore. 


I think if somebody doesn’t own any diamonds yet, the first thing they need to buy themselves is a pair of earrings because diamonds make your face sparkle and what’s better than really great lighting on your face? Take the time to shop and try things on and feel it and touch it and see what feels authentic to you and it’s easy to wear and you’re not, you don’t feel intimidated by wearing it or you feel like it somehow changes what you look like. Because once you have it, it’s a game changer.”