For me, from me: Sara Weinstock

Watch jewelry designer Sara Weinstock share her diamond self-purchase story:


“The first piece of diamond jewelry I purchased was .74 carats. I still have the cert. It was a radiant cut and it was in this, architecturally, very cool, contemporary piece. And I remember I made payments on it. I couldn’t have been more than—I don’t know—19 years old. And I wanted that statement ring. I was waiting tables. And I put it on layaway. I just kept making my payments, making my payments … and one day, it was mine.


I would like to say to women around the world, It’s okay to purchase a piece of jewelry for yourself.


I’ve seen women buy designer handbags and not think twice about it. But then they might feel that they have to ask permission to purchase a piece of jewelry of the same value. And I would like to encourage women to take that ownership and say, I deserve this piece. And I’m going to enjoy it, probably longer than the handbag, which will eventually go out of style. But this piece of jewelry will maintain its integrity and the diamond will always be as beautiful and as rare as it was the day it was purchased.”