Why You Never Have to Choose the Biggest Diamond Studs in Your Budget


No one can argue with Greg Kwiat’s superior diamond credentials. He’s CEO of Kwiat, a family-owned jewelry brand that celebrates its 110th anniversary this year. The company creates major one-off pieces that appear on Hollywood red carpets and down-to-earth designs like mini stackable rings. But as far as Kwiat’s concerned, there’s no single piece of jewelry that’s more versatile than a diamond stud earring. “They’re such a classic and flattering style,” he says. “Diamond stud earrings are the kind of piece every woman should have because they’re so easy to wear.” The Kwiat Sunburst earrings are case in point: They feature a central diamond fringed by a halo of smaller ones and a cool, contemporary 18K white gold setting that reflects lots of light. And those are just one of the many Kwiat designs. The CEO has a few pointers on how to shop for your perfect diamond stud earrings.


Greg Kwiat
Greg Kwiat

Keep Your Options Open
“When people talk about diamond studs, they’re usually referring to wearing a solitaire in each ear—something with prongs that’s simple and has minimal metal. But, really, they can be much more than that. There are many designs—from simple to elaborate—that expand on that basic idea. Think about different setting options, like bezel-set diamonds or diamond halos—metals beyond traditional platinum are possibilities too. Special design elements can make diamond studs look very individual and personal. For example, we have a collection called Kwiat Star that’s created by combining several diamonds. Sometimes clustering together smaller stones creates the appearance of a larger look at a more accessible price.”


Try, Try Again
“The same earring can look entirely different from one person to the next, based on lots of different considerations—whether it’s the shape of a women’s earlobe or her height. When clients come into the boutique we like to show them a full range of styles and sizes and let them try them on. There’s a big difference between how a diamond stud appears on the ear, as opposed to when it’s in your hand or on a website. There’s really no substitute for trying on jewelry to get a sense of what’s most comfortable for you.”


One Size Does Not Fit All
“You don’t have to choose the biggest diamond studs in your budget. We work across the entire range of sizes—from .20 carats to 20. Size is a personal question and there’s no single right or wrong answer. It’s highly situational and personal: Where do you work? How do you spend your leisure time? What would you feel comfortable wearing? All those things can factor into what you’d want. Whatever the choice, we have an inventory and are excited to help.”