Diamond Diaries: For Jade Trau, Design Starts with a Diamond


I’m Jade Trau, a diamond-jewelry company, based in New York. The philosophy of my company is to create diamond jewelry that really feels personal to the wearer and has a point of view and feels like an extension who you are.


I am fifth-generation in the diamond business. My great-great-grandfather started cutting diamonds, rose cuts, in the early 1900s, and I used to spend my mornings learning how to cut diamonds on the bench. It’s what I grew up with—I used to visit my grandfather in the office and I knew how to use a tweezer when I was probably seven or eight years old.


I had always been designing on the side and doing a lot of classic diamond jewelry designs: Studs and engagement rings and things like that. One day I said to my girlfriend ‘when I start a jewelry line… when I start a jewelry line.’ And she said to me, ‘When are you gonna do it already?’ And I literally went to my office that day and I thought, ‘She’s right. When am I going to do it already?’



My design process starts with the diamond … how am I going to create my design around it? And then I really think about what’s wearable because I want it to feel like a part of my lifestyle, and so I think about comfortability and wearability. Certainly, anything that’s going into my collection is being worn at every stage of the game.


I think that what makes diamonds unique, first of all is just the brilliance of them…there’s nothing that sparkles like a diamond and it’s not something that gets old. The scintillation and the sparkle and the light performance of a gorgeously-cut diamond, it has always taken my breath away.



I think part of what’s awesome about diamonds is that your taste can change, but you can still reimagine what you have and use the diamonds because the diamonds don’t really change.


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