Diamond Diaries: Lauren Addison on Reflecting Your Style with Diamonds


My name is Lauren, owner of Lauren Addison jewelry, and I am the designer and gemologist behind the brand.


I would say I was about seven years old when I really got the jewelry bug. My first memory of diamond jewelry was probably sneaking into my mother’s room, stealing all of hers — something I still do.


I want women to feel confident wearing my jewelry, whether you’re self-purchasing or if it was gifted, I want it to reflect who you are and just be representative of your style.



Clients generally come in with an idea of what they like, whether it’s a metal color, stone, shape, size, and we kind of take all the little bits and pieces of their inspiration and merge it into one design.


We start with a curated selection of diamonds and we pick the one that speaks to the client specifically. From there we do a series of sketches or 3D renderings and tweak the piece, making sure that their personality and their style is reflected in each of the pieces



My latest collection actually was inspired by the charity organization that helps connect disadvantaged women to the workforce. I wanted to donate more than just my time so I started sketching, presented them with a collection and we just released.


I’m donating 100% of the proceeds to the organization, so each sale will really make a difference. And I get to do that [while] doing something I love.



I didn’t set out to start my own business. I just started designing pieces for friends. I was at that age when people were getting engaged and married. And, having been in the business, they kept coming to me. I made a few pieces and thought that was that—and referrals just kept coming, so I decided to start Lauren Addison. The rest is history.


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