Authenticity: The Centerpiece of Mimi So’s Designs

Mimi So Diamond Band


When it comes to jewelry, who doesn’t love a surprise? Designer Mimi So got one when she learned that a diamond wedding band from her namesake collection would appear in the latest Real is Rare campaign. When none of the countless options available at the shoot was an exact fit for the actress (or, rather, her ultra petite fingers), a member of the ‘Real is Rare. Real is a Diamond’ team offered to lend her personal Mimi So-designed wedding ring for the occasion. It was the perfect fit. A Cinderella moment was made.


Mimi So
Mimi So

The ring’s creator laughed out loud when she heard the tale. It turns out the slim diamond-studded band is a popular pick among her bridal clients and a personal favorite.  “It’s the wedding band I wear, too,” So admitted. “I designed it for myself. When my clients wanted the same style, it became part of my collection.”  Beauty and function are essential elements of its design. “It’s important that a wedding band be practical and also have a timeless, romantic feeling. The eternity pavé diamond wedding band shows lots of diamonds and is very comfortable for everyday wear. Plus, it has a great height and width, so it’s a match for lots of different engagement rings.”


From her New York City studio, So has helped couples craft their dream wedding jewelry for nearly 20 years. “The process is really personal,” she explains. Showing her clients an assortment of choices—from different shapes and sizes of diamonds to a variety of ring styles—is key. “We want to educate anyone who comes to our atelier. If they don’t know something exists, they can’t ask for it. Everything is fabricated right here in our atelier so we can offer a bespoke experience. There’s complete authenticity in the work I do.”


That focus on authenticity is one of the reasons diamonds have been a centerpiece of So’s work. “I’ve always loved diamonds because they’re strong and stand the test of time. They’re precious and full of light,” she says. “We all instinctively love sparkle—whether it’s in a diamond or the stars in the sky.”