Diamond Diaries: Sara Weinstock On How Natural Diamonds Can Empower Women—And Make You Feel Like a Goddess


I got into the diamond industry for my love and huge desire to have as many diamonds as I could collect.


Diamonds are inspiring for many reasons. They come in all shapes and sizes, they all have their unique characteristics about them… so one of my passions is actually to go “jewel hunting.”


I have a very large family. My mother had ten siblings in her family, and seven of them are girls and three of them men. And those ladies loved “the hunt,” they loved antiquing, and they loved jewelry. And they would just roll out bags of antique jewelry, and it was always the diamond pieces that I gravitated towards.


And I think that’s really where my love for jewelry began.


Sara Weinstock, Diamond Jewelry Designer
Jewelry designer and all-around diamond lover Sara Weinstock


The emotional part for me, with jewelry, is how it empowers me, how it makes me feel. I feel so feminine when I wear my jewelry, and when I wear diamonds in particular. [They are] the accessory that finishes the outfit.


There’s definitively an underlying spirituality to most of my jewelry. If it’s in a basket, if it’s in the cover back, if it’s in the design, the Arabesque shapes, the Taj Mahal… I am constantly bringing in things that impress me, for me, and as it turns out, I guess many other women have felt much the same.


I love to draw. I’m inspired by so many things — from my travels, from architecture, textiles, walking down the street and something will catch my eye and I’ll think: “Wow! That would be just an absolute beautiful pendant!”


One example is when I was sitting by the pool with a bunch of my girlfriends drinking champagne and I saw all the bubbles in my glass… and that became my Brut collection.


The Brut Collection by Sara Weinstock, inspired by champagne bubbles.


I would hope that my jewelry empowers women, makes them feel special, royal, and like a goddess.


I feel great when I wear my jewelry! They make me happy. I am excited to look down and see all the bling and the shine. I feel like I am illuminating. And I would hope that women feel much the same way.


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