Diamond Facts

A natural diamond is a billion-year-old miracle of nature that has enduring emotional and financial value, and makes an important global contribution to both the environment and communities.
When buying a diamond the options are clear: the 'real thing'... or synthetic ones, also known as lab-grown, which have no lasting value. 
  What other star was needed in the cast of Ocean’s 8 to add even more sparkle to one of the most awaited movies of the year? A Cartier diamond necklace, of course    A diamond necklace plays a pivotal role in the plot of Ocean’s 8, an all female relaunch of the Ocean’s franchise which opens...
Australian diamonds sparkle as the basis of new collections by six of the most acclaimed women jewelry designers in the world.
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Diamonds have been a subject of fascination since long before they caught on in the West.     There’s a legend that shows up in a few different places, about a renowned explorer — the real Alexander the Great in some books, the fictional Sinbad the Sailor in others — who is faced with the...
For starters—the diamond in your engagement ring is between 1-3 billion years old (that's older than the dinosaurs).
Diamonds are the world's hardest natural substance (seriously!), making them very durable for everyday wear. Here are 7 reasons why your diamonds aren't just for fancy occasions.
Diamonds were formed 1-4 billion years ago, making them almost as old as the earth itself. They developed about 100 miles underground and were brought to the earth’s surface through underground volcanic eruptions. Today, diamonds are found underground, as well as in seabeds, and some rivers.
Diamonds have origins that date way further back than when we started to wear them on our fingers. Which of these 11 facts is most interesting to you? Read more from Popsugar’s 11 Things You Never Knew About Diamonds