Pluczenik Creative Director Ron Rizzo on the Newfound Appeal of Three-Stone Diamond Rings

Characterized by a central diamond that’s flanked by two of slightly smaller size, three-stone rings are a leading alternative to traditional solitaire engagement rings, which make a single diamond the focus. The potential to customize three-stone rings is a key reason behind their newfound appeal. “When an engagement ring has three diamonds there are lots of ways to get the result you want,” explains Rizzo. “For example, you can play with the ratio of the center stone and make it bigger or smaller relative to the other two.”

That flexibility is helpful both when it comes to creating a ring that can accommodate any budget and achieving a striking look with lots of sparkle to spare. “The way a three-stone ring covers the hand makes a different kind of a statement than a ring with a single diamond,” adds Rizzo. “It’s an exciting option for people who want to have their own signature.”


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A three-stone ring can flaunt diamonds beyond the trio of stones at its center. Strategically placed diamond accents embellish every angle of the Integré three-stone diamond engagement ring from Pluczenik. And it’s cleverly constructed so that a wedding band will have a seamless fit along its curves. Despite its delicate proportions, the ring is created to last a lifetime.

“Every element of the design has integrity that will keep it straight and strong forever,” says Rizzo. “It has strong architecture.” Even with all the attention paid to its structure, the designer knows the diamonds at the heart of the ring are the real stars. “It’s the harmony of the three stones that makes the design.”


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