The Ultimate Guide to Three Stone Diamond Engagement Rings

The Ultimate Guide to Three Stone Diamond Engagement Rings

Meghan Markle’s Engagement Ring Has Inspired Any Number of Triple Stone Styles


When the engagement ring Prince Harry gave Meghan Markle was revealed to the public, it instantly put three-stone diamond styles at the top of many wish lists and at the forefront of bridal jewelry. More on that in a moment, first let’s recap the now-legendary story behind Meghan’s stunner.


Prince Harry designed the three-stone diamond engagement ring with the English court jeweler Cleave and Company. He told the BBC in an interview that the two smaller diamonds in the ring, rather poignantly, came from one of Princess Diana’s jewels. Harry explained in the same interview, he sourced the center cushion-shape diamond from Botswana, and opted for yellow gold for the setting because it is Meghan’s favorite metal.


The carat weight of the diamond was not revealed and hasn’t been shared with the public, leaving jewelry experts to guess the size. Most believe it is around 2.5 to 3-carats. What was clear about the choice of a diamond from Botswana was not only Harry’s love of Africa, a place he has visited since childhood and where he has vacationed with Meghan, but also his intentional choice to shine a light on a region where diamonds have done so much good.


The diamond mines in Botswana have transformed the quality of life in the country, because the government owns 50% of them and uses the funds generated wisely. Over the last half century, when the gem deposits were discovered, there have been countless job opportunities created and social benefits like free education provided for all children until they are 13-years old. Botswana’s diamond mining operation has long been at the forefront of ethical sourcing.


The story behind Meghan’s engagement ring is a real combination of style and substance. It has also ignited a lot of interest in three-stone diamond rings and with good reason. “They create a feeling of proportionality and a visual balance on the finger,” says jewelry designer Vram Minassian. There are also universal meanings attributed to three stones in a ring. “Three is a secret number telling a story of a trilogy: friendship, love and fidelity or love, honor and cherish or more universally, past, present and future,” explains jewelry designer Alexandra Mor.


There are all kinds of looks available in the category ranging from classic to alternative and totally glamorous. See a guide containing some of the exquisite three-stone diamond engagement rings below.



The purest three-stone diamond engagement ring designs have a trio of gems prong-set on a slender ring. Some feature a center stone flanked by smaller stones like Meghan Markle’s ring. Others have three stones that are all about the same size. A few classic three stone rings have extra design flourishes like little diamonds on the band of the ring.


Finn Three Stone Ring

Three stone diamond and 18K gold engagement ring by Finn


London Ring by Single Stone

London 1.10-carat emerald cut diamond engagement ring by Single Stone set with baguettes in 18K yellow gold


Lisa 1.42-carat step-cut diamond engagement ring by Single Stone with baguettes on a platinum band set with square-cut diamonds


Azlee shield shape diamond engagement ring with tapered baguettes set in 18K gold


Simply Tacori square-cut diamond engagement ring with cadillac side stones set in platinum


Kwiat 1.01-carat Ashoka-cut diamond engagement ring with .63 carat Ashoka-cut diamond side stones set in platinum


Hearts on Fire Simply Bridal round brilliant-cut diamond and 18K white gold engagement ring




Every bride is interested in a unique engagement ring. Some want their individuality expressed in styles that make a special design statement. Alternative three-stone diamond engagement rings range from jewels with a vintage vibe to pieces with just a few more tweaks than the classics and wildly contemporary creations. The unifying factor of all of them is three primary diamonds.


Anita Ko three-stone pear-shape diamond Claw Ring in rose gold with a diamond set band


Florence 1.54-carat vintage cushion-cut diamond ring by Single Stone with cushion-cut side stones set in a 18K gold ring with intricate details in the metal


Ruth .52-carat cushion cut diamond 18K gold dome ring by Single Stone with Old Mine-cut diamond side stones


Waverly .92-carat Old European-cut diamond engagement ring by Single Stone with Old European-cut side stones set in 18K gold


Helena III 2.0-carat radiant diamond engagement ring by Vram with trapezoid side stones set in platinum


Michelle Fantaci triple hexagon rose cut diamond 18K green gold engagement ring


Michelle Fantaci marquise rose-cut diamond engagement ring with kite shape side stones set in 18K green gold


Michelle Fantaci emerald-cut diamond engagement ring with tapered baguette side stones in 18K green gold




One of the most daring three-stone diamond engagement ring styles has the gems set from north to south. In other words, they ago up the finger, as opposed to the east west looks stretching across the finger. This vertical row of gems is guaranteed to get noticed.


Martin Katz 2.02-carat marquise diamond engagement ring with marquise shape diamonds weighing around 1-carat on a micro-set diamond and platinum band


Sylva & Cie 1.67-carat rough diamond yellow gold shield ring flanked by single-cut white diamonds set in 18K yellow


Kwiat Vintage diamond and 18K white gold ring


Beladora Bespoke marquise diamond engagement ring with pear-shape diamonds weighing around 2.58-carats each set in platinum




Megawatt three stone diamond engagement rings often feature so many other gems and design elements you might overlook the trio as the central focus, but they do give a foundation to these super sparklers. “The interplay of center and side stones allow a unique design spread that gives the piece a sensual and curvy shape, and therefore, it is essentially one of the most feminine designs,” says Alexandra Mor. There is no question these jewels are all about glamour.


Alexandra Mor three stone brilliant cut diamond, platinum and 18K gold Woven Ring


Alexandra Mor 2.10-carat Asscher-cut diamond engagement ring flanked by two Asscher-cut diamonds weighing around 1-carat each surrounded by diamond frames and set on a diamond, platinum and 18K gold band


Nikos Koulis 2.98-carat marquise diamond Oui engagement ring with tapered baguettes set in 18K white gold with black enamel details


Nikos Koulis 5.01-carat Asscher-cut diamond Oui engagement ring with baguette diamond side stones set in 18K white gold with enamel details


Nikos Koulis three stone baguette-cut diamond and 18K white gold Oui engagement ring with black enamel details