Go Back to the Future with These Antique Show Diamond Pieces

Go Back to the Future with These Antique Show Diamond Pieces

During the winter, I like to head down to OMBAS (The Original Miami Beach Antique Show) in Miami. It’s generally a great escape from the big chill in NYC, where inside the show—held at the Miami Beach Convention Center, seemingly the size of a football stadium—diamond treasures in a range of price points can be found. But since it is Awards Season, and one in which diamond statement pieces, lots of long earrings and pile-on diamond bracelets are stealing the spotlight on all of the red carpets so far, I decided to concentrate on the big, the bold and the beautiful.


Simon Teakle’s Russian 19th century diamond fringe necklace is exquisitely crafted, set in silver topped open back setting with old mine cut diamonds.

And there were definitely plenty of pieces to make my heart skip a beat, from Georgian chokers to ultra-wide Art Deco bracelets, and linear and chandelier earrings, the pieces I saw were right on target with what celebrities are wearing and what will be influencing trends in diamond jewelry in the upcoming seasons. As the saying goes: Everything old is new again.


History At Your Hands

Whatever time period you might be interested in is represented at a show like OMBAS. It can be a bit confusing for the starter collector or a diamond jewelry enthusiast to attend a huge show like this, but it’s also worthwhile, because you can get a ton of inspiration or even scope out an amazing find of your own. And though I wouldn’t call anything there a ‘bargain’, there are definitely some hidden treasures to be found.


However, for the purposes of looking back to the future, I’m concentrating on the more stand out pieces that have been exhibited at many red carpets this season and will continue to influence the jewelry designs you see in seasons to come.


A quick synopsis: There were definitely a lot of statement necklaces and bracelets being featured at this show. Earrings are always in favor but I did see more variations on chandeliers, ultra-long and linear, hoops and clips. Not surprisingly, all of the styles are similar to the looks of many of the stars at the Globes, Critic’s Choice and SAG Awards.


                                                                                 A Collection to Remember

The Keyamour’s Edwardian/Belle Époque sautoir .

Let’s now look at the diamond jewels that could be fit for you—or any woman who wants to invest in a piece with value that’s certain to appreciate with time:


19th Century Diamond Dormeuse Earrings,


  • Simon Teakle’s Russian 19th-century diamond fringe necklace is exquisitely crafted, set in silver topped open back setting with old mine cut diamonds.



  • Keyamour’s Edwardian/Belle Époque sautoir is representative of the garland lacy style of this period and features mine and European cut diamonds set into platinum, and has a lightweight, airy hand.


  • Humphrey Butler’s Art Deco bracelet reveals the craftsmanship of the top French jewelers of the day. The piercing work is awe-inspiring, while diamonds with the pop of deep Burma rubies are set in platinum for a stand out collector’s piece.


  • Simon Teakle’s Art Deco Cartier ultra-wide gold bracelet features a geometric pattern of baguette and round diamonds set into platinum which detach from the bracelet and can be worn as cuffs. Multi-purpose jewelry was popular from the Georgian period through the Art Deco period and came back into style in the mid-20th century. Something tells us it’ll be back again.


  • Wilson’s Estate Jewelry’s wide eternity band is late Art Deco and features round diamonds with carved ruby cabochons set into platinum.

Beth Bernstein is a writer and the editor/founder of Bejeweledmag.com